Do you need to convey your pet one thing fun to nap on? Then this is often the project for you. The vintage materials employed in this pet bed prove that your dog does not ought to be uninteresting. This project additionally uses durable upholstery-grade cloth which will rise to years of use. Once you have got the correct cloth, scissors and tools, the convenience of this construction permits for this project to be finished in just one afternoon.

Make a Dog Bed:

Cut out the material shell. Cut 2 14-inch circles and 2 16-inch circles of the vintage cloth. Cut one strip of the material measurement thirteen inches by thirty inches.

Cut out the froth filling. Cut one 12-inch circle of froth and one 5-inch by 29-inch strip of froth.

Stitch along the bottom of the bed. With the correct sides of the material facing, pin along the 14-inch cloth circles. sew the circles along employing a half-inch seam allowance. Leave a 5-inch gap to insert the froth circle.

Finish the bottom of the bed. flip the seamed cloth right-side out. to confirm the froth circle goes within the gap slightly easier, you’ll be able to fold the froth in [*fr1]. Push the froth circle toward the front of the bottom. this may leave further loose cloth within the back. This further half-inch of “hangover” cloth can later be accustomed attach this piece to the rear of the bed. sew the gap closed.

Stitch along the rear of the bed. Fold the 13-inch by 30-inch strip of material in [*fr1] lengthwise. the correct sides of the material ought to be facing one another. make certain the sides area unit matched up. sew on the raw (unfinished) edge, keeping a half-inch seam allowance.

Finish the rear of the bed. flip the long strip of material turned. the correct aspect ought to be facing outward, and this piece ought to appear as if an extended tube. Work the froth strip into the tube. At every finish of this tube, there ought to be concerning one in. of loose cloth.

Connect the bottom and back. Fold the rear in 2, notice the middle and mark it with a bit of chalk. Fold the spherical base in [*fr1] and mark the middle with chalk. Pin the rear of the bed to the bottom. make certain the centers of each the rear and base area unit aligned. Pin the bed to the bottom on the edges. sew the bed to the bottom, providing a half-inch seam allowance. flip the loose cloth ends of the tube inward and sew them closed.

Stitch the cushion. Pin and sew the 16-inch circles alongside the correct sides facing each other. sew them along, keeping a half-inch seam allowance. Leave a gap five inches long to stuff with polyester fiberfill.

Finish the cushion. flip the cushion so the correct aspect is out and stuff the cushion with the polyester fiberfill. sew the gap closed.

Place the cushion within the finished bed.

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